ProActive Productions


ProActive Productions provides a platform for cutting edge, and daring theatre productions which invite the audience into the heart of the theatrical experience. Our work places great value on play, ensemble and truth.


Production plans are now underway for an exciting new production of ‘Vanessa and Virginia’, by Elizabeth Wright, based on the novel by Susan Sellers about the complex and passionate relationship between sisters Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell. The production will be directed by Emma Gersch, and plans include a tour starting at the Edinburgh Festival 2010, to venues and sites across the UK and to the USA. Watch this space!

Recent work:

‘Orestes: Re-Examined’

Southwark Playhouse, September 17th-October 3rd

Devised by Full Tilt Theatre Company

Under the direction of Emma Gersch

A young prince has murdered his mother in a bloody act of revenge. The curse of the Royal House of Argos is raging, the cycle of revenge continues…

A raucous mob of rebels have been rejected and discarded by the new regime. They unify and go into hiding underground – with Prince Orestes as their hostage. Now their time has come to take action - to take justice into their hands - to be heard.

You decide. You become the jury and determine Orestes’ fate.

‘Orestes: Re-Examined’ forms the final part of Aeschylus’ classic tragic Oresteian trilogy. This radical re-framing fuses ritual movement, live original music and poetic text with a thumping drum and bass underscore, against a dark, haunting and desperate backdrop. Following an acclaimed run in 2008 in Bath, and a tour of prisons in the South West, this revival production promises an immersive audience experience, which will stimulate, challenge and thrill.

“Emma Gersch’s direction is strikingly poetic and moving” (Venue magazine on ‘Heresies’ at the Bristol Old Vic)

Past work:

‘The Bald Prima Donna’ – by Eugene Ionesco

Directed by Emma Gersch

Kings Head Theatre, London, UK Tour (2006/7)

Recepient of Arts Council East’s Escalator Award Scheme

“A hilarious, off the wall, one act comedy. Set in the mundane, surburban living room of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, watch six characters spiral dangerously out of control as they attempt to maintain ‘normality’. Ionesco’s landmark 1950s play still resonates today, and has earned its rightful place as one of the defining absurdist comedies or our time. ProActive Productions presents a first rate cast who will guarantee an electric, fast paced and vivid theatrical experience never to be forgotten”

Cast includes: Clare Maguire, Eleanour Harley, James Hirst and Tim

‘Moving Stories’: Southwark Playhouse, March 2009

directed and facilitated by Emma Gersch

Image by Jason Goodger

“If you don't know the trees you may be lost in the forest, but if you don't know the stories you may be lost in life.


A rare chance for Londoners to stop, slow down and meet the folk they rush past every day. Capturing and framing the natural and wonderful theatricality of real life, Moving Stories invites you to join a short promenade journey, meeting and listening to the stories of the fascinating characters with whom we share the city, but whose stories often go unheard. Your guide will lead you from place to place, gathering around the ice cream vendor’s van, the pub landlord’s bar, the Big Issue Seller’s street corner, where we can open our ears, our eyes and our hearts.

Everyone has a story – and often we are too busy to listen. Do something different this lunchtime.     

“A story is the shortest distance between people."

Pat Speight